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Ridgehaven Calisthenics

Established in 1968, Ridgehaven is one of South Australia's most successful Calisthenics Clubs.

Ridgehaven achieved Championship status in 1981 & has maintained its strong position throughout most sections ever since.

Our Principal Coaching Team are leading Ridgehaven into it's 55th year and cannot wait to share the unique sport of Calisthenics with its new and current members.

Brooke Brown

Brooke began building her personal brand from the age of two when she insisted on joining her first dance class, from this moment she knew dance would be a huge part of her life. Brooke's entire school and post-secondary school life has been orientated towards her career in dance.

As a reflective practitioner, Brooke constantly evaluates her own personal teaching and learning using feedback from students and other like-minded professionals.  With a diverse knowledge of various dance styles and techniques, which she has developed from over 20 years of dedicated teaching and 35 years of learning and performing, Brooke has very high expectations of both herself and her students and strongly believes calisthenics has taught her many life skills such as, resilience, determination, team work, self-confidence and self-worth but most important a hunger for success and the ability to reach her goals.

Brooke believes in hard work, discipline, honesty and respect. "My greatest joy in life is helping people achieve their goals, and inspiring passion and excitement in what is most important to individuals." With a background in dance performance, choreography, secondary teaching, event styling and entrepreneurship, Brooke's passions lie in acknowledging these components, working collaboratively and creating magic in any challenge given to her.

Rebecca Norsworthy

Rebecca began calisthenics at 15 months of age and has loved it every single day since. As a competitor for over 30 years, not only in calisthenics but also in world dance and aerobic teams, Rebecca has a passion for many different genres of dance and encourages members to follow their dreams and experience all that calisthenics, dance and movement has to offer.

As a performer Rebecca believed in hard work, dedication, respect and loyalty - all traits that have continued over into her coaching. Rebecca is known as a kind and compassionate coach who puts members needs ahead of her own. She prides her self on always using her own choreography and her inspiring coaching techniques to get the best out of her teams. She is fair and encouraging and enjoys nurturing calisthenic participants throughout their journey in our beautiful sport. 

Representing South Australia for nearly 25 years at the Nationals, Rebecca is now considered one of the most successful coaches in our state, winning Junior, Intermediate and Senior Nationals as the Head Coach. She has successfully coached all age groups for the past 28 years and enjoys working with people of all differing ability levels. She has a deep love for graceful girls and has also had much success over the years as both a competitor and coach. 

Rebeccas husband, two boys, mother and mother-in-law all offer amazing support which allows her to dedicate so much time to our sport and our club. She is a dreamer and encourages people to dream, work hard and experience the magic that is Calisthenics. 

Children's University.jpg
Childrens University
"We nurture a natural Inquisitiveness in children with the aim of developing free thinking and engaged children with a passion for learning"

- Children's University Austr

Ridgehaven Calisthenics is a Children's University Learning Destination!

RC members who are participating in the Children's University program through their school can record up to 10 hours of lesson time in their passport under Performance Arts which will help them towards their Children's University Graduation.


Hours can also be recorded for any school student enrolled in the program who attends a Ridgehaven Calisthenics concert or competition!

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